12 October, 2010

Ukrainian woman 'tries to sell toddler'

When I check my emails, I open the yahoo homepage, and a news feed of five headlines will appear. I am often amused by the selection of stories, and wonder what the criteria might be. It wouldn't be unusual to have a the latest political news next to a story on parrot that sings a repertoire of Elvis songs.

And today, they had the story of the Ukrainian woman who tried to traffick her toddler. It struck me, as it is the first time in my memory I have seen the issue of trafficking on Yahoo. With an estimated 27 million people trafficked every year for all sorts of horrible reason, you would think it would be reported more often. And while I am happy to see this horrific injustice hitting the spotlight, I wonder if this story made the same criteria as quirky parrot as opposed to world news. Regardless, the story is worth a read, and if you go to the link, keep your eye on the comments below. It is always interesting to see what the average Joe sits.
Ukrainian woman 'tries to sell toddler'

Ukrainian police have detained a woman suspected of trying to sell her 2-year-old daughter to human organ traffickers.

The woman, 28, is described as an unemployed resident of the village of Uspenovka, in the eastern Zaporizhia region.

Police have evidence she intended to sell the toddler to human organ traffickers for $12,600, the Interfax news agency reports.

Law enforcement officials reportedly detained her on Saturday evening, shortly after she accepted payment for the child and its organs.

The baby girl was now "safe, healthy, and in the custody of a regional hospital," a Zaporizhia police statement said on Monday.

The woman will face charges of human organ trafficking with intent to sell abroad.

If convicted, she faces a prison term of between eight and 15 years, police said.

In recent years, Ukraine's government has attempted to reduce trafficking of people and human organs, with a state-run media campaign warning of the illegal trade's dangers.

The campaign has reduced the numbers of human organs exported from the country illegally and Ukrainians sold abroad into slavery, law-enforcement officials say.


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