04 November, 2010

Arnotts statement on fairtrade

"In late October 2010, Arnott's Australia New Zealand announced it has commenced working with Fairtrade Australia New Zealand to ensure the farmers who grow and produce their cocoa beans in West Africa get a better deal.Although Arnott's sources only a small amount of cocoa from West Africa (less than 0.1% of that region's total supply), the announcement signals the Company's commitment to playing its part by purchasing Fairtrade Certified cocoa that prohibits the use of the worst forms of child labour, ensures a fair and stable price and a Fairtrade Premium, which is reinvested back into community projects.

According to Stephen Knapp, Executive Director Fairtrade Australia New Zealand, this move by Arnott's is a win for the cocoa farmers of West Africa."Fairtrade is excited to be taking this step with Arnott's, which demonstrates their commitment to making a difference in West Africa by purchasing Fairtrade Certified cocoa and empowering cocoa producing farmers to build a better and brighter future for themselves, their families and communities," he said.

World Vision also welcomed Arnott's commitment to sourcing ethical cocoa that has not been made with the use of child labour. In a media statement issued by World Vision, CEO Tim Costello said, "We are very pleased with Arnott's commitment..."

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