08 March, 2011

Tell Kmart to support slave-free cotton!

You can help end the use of slave labour in the production of cotton from Uzbekistan by contacting Kmart now! – https://www.kmart.com.au/ContactUs/FeedbackForm.aspx
span class="fullpost">Uzbekistan is the world’s third largest exporter of cotton. It uses forced labour of schoolchildren to harvest cotton by hand. Children as young as nine-years-old are sent out to pick cotton. This practice is organised and controlled by the central government.

There are no days off. Injuries and illness are commonplace, with children often having to drink water from canals and ditches in the cotton fields. Children have sustained injuries while being transported to the fields in unsafe tractor-pulled carts intended to transport the raw cotton.

To view a video on this issue go to: http://wn.com/Forced_Child_Labor_on_the_Cotton_Fields_in_Uzbekistan

Much of this cotton is exported to China where it is turned into cotton goods and exported to countries like Australia.

Over 20 major brands including Gap Inc, Levi Strauss, NIKE and Walt Disney Co have agreed to do all they can to ensure their products do not contain cotton harvested in Uzbekistan until such time as the use of forced child labour ends.

Kmart is committed to the Coles Ethical Sourcing Policy, which has zero tolerance of child labour and forced labour. The use of forced child labour in Uzbekistan to harvest cotton is in violation of these standards. STOP THE TRAFFIK Australia wrote to Kmart in July last year asking that Kmart to join those brands that have agreed to take action to ensure the products they sell do not contain cotton from Uzbekistan. Kmart ignored the letter.

Contact Kmart and ask them to join those brands already acting to end forced child labour in Uzbekistan by going to https://www.kmart.com.au/ContactUs/FeedbackForm.aspx

For more background on this issue go to: www.laborrights.org/stop-child-labor/cotton-campaign/uzbekistan

Thank you for taking action.

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