03 May, 2011

A prayer for refugees

Dear Lord, thousands of people are driven from their countries; thousands are dying at sea in boats, unable to find a welcome port; thousands are kept in camps without much hope for a normal family life in the future. Day after day, the number of refugees increases and day after day it becomes clear that we are living in a very inhospitable world.
O Lord, show me ways to respond to this human tragedy. Show me how I can live in fidelity to your word in the days of anguish and despair for countless people. Give me an enlightened mind, a fervent heart, and a strong will so that I can speak and act according to your great commandment of love.
I know what is happening, I realise the emergency of the situation and i am convinced of the need to make a generous response. But I do not yet know clearly what you ask me to do here and now. I pray that you will help me to find my way of being your disciple. Amen
Henri Nouwen

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