13 February, 2012

Welcome - Major Marion Weymouth

Hi to you folk out there - at last I've started in my new job as "terriorial social justice secretary" on Feb7th. We had a 2 month break after leaving a Salvo appointment in Zambia. It's been great to return to OZ though I LOVED zambia, having spent a total of 12 years there now. Naturally some of that experience will 'rub off' as I join discussions on the site. Look forward to sharing and journey...ing with you. JUStsalvos site has opened my eyes to the possibilities of connecting to a world out there and I am full of wonder and praise to Gen [my predecessor], Danielle [before her] and Esther, admin assistant here, who will have her work cut out, looking after a 'Baby Boomer', who is not only technologically challenged, but is coping with a creature from the wilds of Africa and has to catch up on the Aussie scene.

I will love receiving ideas, tips, anything that can help in generating an environment where justice issues are helpfully shared and we can all contribute toward the transformation of lives and reformation of society that is an integral part of the Salvos Mission statement. Discovering God's good ideas and ideals will be an important part of that journey for me, as I share with you. So thanks heaps - for what you can tell me about that concerns or interest you. If you want more about 'me' and my journey I will share - but I understand that comments are supposed to be MUCH shorter than this first one.

I don't have a recent photo - but here is something temporary to represent the entry.

Marion Weymouth

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Anonymous said...

Hi Marion, I knew you back in S.A. or was it Victoria? You are married to someone (Howard?), no that's not right, whom I knew as a young person and a candidate myself. Remembering names from back then is hard when you've lost contact for decades. Now was it ACH or Norwood Corp? Anyhow, I was Judith Renton, formally of Pt Adelaide Corp and then ACH, before I was led out during the Charismatic Renewal. I was under Cadet Bram Parkinson and his wife Judy at the Port. Maybe you can remember the finer details better than me, but I certainly remember your name and face. My email address is judilorr12@gmail.com if you want to get back to me. Love to hear from you and what you have been doing in Zambia. God Bless,
Judy Crutch