17 April, 2012

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre - New Website

Letter From The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre:

Dear Friends,

This morning we had Julian Burnside launch our new website 'Asylum Explained'.
We are very excited to share our new website with all of you.

It's a practical, plain English step by step guide for asylum seekers on how to navigate the entire refugee determination process.

At each stage we cover all the critical issues for people to be aware of to protect their rights and give them the best chance of gaining asylum.

We think it will be a wonderful resource not just for asylum seekers, but for migration agents and all workers in the asylum seeker sector.
You can also print off for your clients a series of fact sheets under our Resources section.

Please share it with all your workers and clients. We will be adding a section on Complementary Protection in the next week too.

See the website here: http://www.asylumexplained.asrc.org.au/

We welcome any feedback too.

Kind Regards

Kon Karapanagiotidis OAM
CEO Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
*'No one chooses to be an asylum seeker'*

Thoughts from Major Marion Weymouth:

Community 'detention' will grow in our suburbs as detainees are placed in supported housing. Make sure you are aware of the facts. Do not allow Myths to circulate where you are concerned. Myths are based on ignorance, causing gossip, pain, fear and rejection.

Is there a way that YOU can be involved in this critical Social Justice issue?

- what is your neighbourhood like? What issues is your local council facing with displaced persons? [Find out from web sites, news items etc.]
- is there a neighbour in your street who feels like a total stranger in the 'friend-lessness" of our society,
- how can you reach out with the welcome that is needed?

- imagine your situation to be like theirs.. what would you appreciate?

[the language of stopping, greeting, interest in children, visiting, hospitality can be amazing]

- What can you do in your local church to do justice for the stranger?

- Explore possibilities of language tutoring, conversation, listening to stories [inviting a story to be shared to the whole church] , sharing meals they enjoy, understanding the painful journeys that have been theirs.

- Should some of us be thinking of helping in the difficult issues of housing?

- Are we able to test our humanity and God-connection in what we are prepared to be and do? What does God tell us about welcoming the stranger?

- How do we get past our comfort zones? Do we need to seek forgiveness for intolerant attitudes, or our indifference?

These questions and more can be part of our growth as individuals, in transforming our communities, and in speaking to our nation.

Change can so easily start with us!

Major Marion Weymouth
Territorial Social Justice Secretary

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