05 April, 2012

Social Justice Working Party 2nd-3rd April & Easter Greeting

Wow! It's now over.... Since starting the job here at THQ two months ago, one of my challenges has been getting the "tri-territorial social justice working party" underway. Melbourne was the venue and as 'hosts', we joined with Salvation Army eastern territory and NZ territory delegates in 2 days of learning, exploring and planning action in particular areas. There were 22 attending over 2 days, numbers varying with guests and the attendance of those who are 'wanted people'. One of these is Major Kelvin Alley, who represents a united front for the Salvation Army in his role as National Secretary in Canberra - he had to return for critical discussions on gambling reform. The pool of people who gathered were able to formulate work plans on particular issues that will help to streamline resources and hopefully increase efficient use of energy.

Barry Gittins captured a photo on our second day

I perceived the highlights to be: making and strengthening relationships in the sharing process [an important element in any social justice activity], learning from one another [Fuzz and Carolyn Kitto from 'Stop the Traffik' were great facilitators], theological discussion, determination to follow up on some united tasks and in our separate resourcing roles. I am amazed at the collection of dedicated and talented people.

May you keep on engaging with the communities where you are each placed - being agents for God's Kingdom coming on earth, as it is in Heaven. At this Easter season, take time to reflect on Christ our deliverer: put so well by William Booth in 1889 "Christ is the deliverer for time as well as for eternity..... He is the Messiah who brings glad tidings! He is come to open prison doors... to set men free from their bonds. He is indeed the Saviour of the world!

Marion Weymouth

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