16 May, 2012

It's time to Walk Together!

Check out the following invitation to Walk Together from our friends at 'Welcome to Australia'

It's with great pleasure that we welcome Ozi Batla, MC with great Aussie hip-hop outfits The Herd and Astronomy Class, to the team of Welcome to Australia ambassadors. He joins the growing chorus of prominent and less-prominent Australians who are calling for a change in our response to asylum seekers, refugees and other new arrivals. We believe the conversation is shifting. More than 900 people have now registered with the Community Placement Network, making their spare rooms available to asylum seekers, and while we saw a range of ugly political and personal responses to this act of generosity, it seemed that this was drowned out by those celebrating the opportunity to direct their compassion towards concrete acts of welcome.  

The momentum towards a public statement of community solidarity on the Saturday of Refugee Week is gaining momentum.Walk Together is being planned in at least 10 cities around Australia - in Brisbane on Friday June 8 in partnership with the Refugee Lantern Parade, and in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Newcastle, Perth, Hobart, Darwin, Toowoomba and Rockhampton with a few other locations in exploratory phase. We'd love you and your community group, workplace, social circle, family and friends to be there as together we demonstrate the kind of Australia that is possible. Where we see each other as equals - Aboriginal Australians, asylum seekers, refugees, migrants old and new, international students - with equal rights to freedom, hope and belonging. An Australia where the politics of fear and division is unpopular and where people are no longer pitted against each other for the sake of political gain. To truly make Australia the successful, inclusive nation that it can be, we can't walk into our future divided. It's time to see the humanity in all people, and work together to secure a better future for all. 

It's time to Walk Together.  

There's more information being added to the event page as locations and routes are locked in for each city. Please invite your friends and get the message out there! A different future is possible than the one build by xenophobia and prejudice. Let's model that together on Saturday 23 June across our nation.  

Brad Chilcott 

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