03 January, 2013


Surrender 2013 - The Kingdom Next Door



DATE: March 15-17, 2012
VENUE: Belgrave Heights Convention, Belgrave Heights, Victoria
What if God’s Kingdom broke out in your neighbourhood?

What role would you play to see this vision become a reality?

How would it change the lives of those around you?

What impact would it have on you?

SURRENDER:13 invites you to explore what living out the Good News looks like in your local and global neighbourhoods and to live out Jesus’ challenging response to the question: “Who is my neighbour?”

The Significance of SURRENDER:13

The theme ‘The Kingdom Next Door’ grew out of the momentum stirred at SURRENDER:12 around seeing God’s Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven. Aligned with SURRENDER’s value of living out the upside down Kingdom, this theme calls people to join with Christ in his renewal of creation starting with those who suffer in our local neighbourhoods. As our good friend, Maori elder Sam Chapman says, a fire starts at the bottom and burns upwards, similarly, SURRENDER:13 will advocate for joining with the Kingdom work of God ‘at the bottom’ of our societies and suburbs in practical, personal, lived out mission.

This year Salvo young adults (18 – 30…ish) will be camping together in the ‘Salvo Tent City’ @ Surrender: 13. Join with other young adult salvos from the Territory and meet with like minded Christians from other denominations to hear from some great and dynamic speakers.
Register through your division to receive conference registration, tent accommodation, breakfast and lunch for $150. You will need to bring spending money to buy dinner from the large choice of amazing food options onsite. A Salvo Registration form can be downloaded here.


Alexie Torres-Fleming

Founder, Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice

Years after “escaping” her hometown in a South Bronx housing project, Alexie Torres-Fleming returned to her neighbourhood and founded Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice. Using education and community development, YMPJ has helped young people discover that they can play an active role in shaping and improving their own neighborhoods.

Claude & Kelley Nikondeha

Amahoro Africa
Claude and Kelley Nikondeha are co-founders of Amahoro Africa, a network of emerging African leaders who are passionate about seeing the Gospel of Jesus bring transformation to communities across their continent. Claude and Kelley are based in Burundi with their two children, Emma and Justin.

CB Samuel
Fieldworker, TEAR Australia
Formerly a director of a Christian aid agency in India, CB provides unique insight into poverty and marginalisation. Currently a fieldworker with TEAR Australia, teacher and theologian, he is sure to provide fresh and challenging insights to our understanding of the Bible and social action.

Mick Duncan, Alongsiders
Ray Minnecon
Kyle Slabb, Jisas wantaim
And many more…

• Join in daily prayer led by the Community of Transfiguration.
• Hang out at the Village – a hive of activity hosted by the SURRENDER partners. Great food, space to chat, listen to music and much more.
• At the Info Hub, learn about how you can connect with organisations and get actively involved.
• Host a Conversation and hear compelling testimonies at Storytelling sessions.
• Try your hand at something new at a practical workshop.
• Hear stories from Indigenous elders.

Main sessions, workshops, Bible studies and conversations on:
• Mission amongst our neighbours
• Church at the heart of community
• Biblical reconciliation in Australia
• Personal engagement with the margins
• Inclusivity and disability
• Local and global mission
• Justice minded children and families
• Restoring young people

YOUTH LEADERS TRAINING DAY with Alexie Torres-Fleming
Thursday 14 March 10am-5pm

Belgrave Heights Convention Centre

SURRENDER:13 Youth Leaders Training Day is an interactive training session for passionate youth and young adult leaders, pastors and workers across Australia. This is an incredible opportunity to hear stories and ideas about equipping and empowering young people to become prophetic voices for peace and justice in their own neighbourhoods.

If staff or volunteers in your organisation work with young people, bring them along to this great training opportunity.

TASTE OF SURRENDER with Alexie Torres-Fleming
Friday 15 March, 7.00-9.30pm
Belgrave Heights Convention Centre
$10 at the door (or free full conference attendees)

An open night to encourage and inspire young people to respond to the injustice we see around us and join in God’s work of bringing the Kingdom next door.

If your organisation engages with youth and young adults, this is a great opportunity to expose them to the justice message.


Friday 15 March, 2pm and 4pm workshops

Belgrave Heights Convention Centre

Cost $50 (unless registered as part of conference)

Pastors, mission and ministry workers have the opportunity to attend a Professional Standards Workshop during the Friday at SURRENDER:13 with Mick Duncan. The two-part session will look at a model for wellbeing within ministry, as well as a framework for pastoral care that enables us to walk positively and helpfully with marginalised people

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